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Core values addressed at Abiguel’s Beloved Family Child Care are as follows:

  • Family - Our program embraces all families. Families are welcomed to participate in our program and share their culture, skills with us.

  • Community- We welcome the community where knowledge, resources are exchanged.  Sustaining our community to protect, serve, and maintain relationships are vital to our program.

  • Compliance- We hold ourselves accountable to maintain laws and standards set by regulatory organizations, city and state as we boldly face challenges and tasks.

  • Integrity- We utilize a moral compass and strive to do right at every opportunity.

  • Spirituality- We value God’s love letter to us the bible and use it. We incorporate songs, prayer, daily events, stories and nature to understand and nurture spiritual development.

  • Individuality- We believes our program provides a safe environment for everyone to be themselves and share their uniqueness while being respected by their peers.

  • Compassion- We grow our children to care for others and concern themselves in making this world a better place. We learn to start at home then display in our neighborhoods from there it will carry over to community and the world.

  • Our programs mission statement is Love + play + paramount education = success


Our vision was born from the desire to keep our children fed academically, spiritually, physically and emotionally to lead and impact their world. Instilling knowledge wisdom and providing a moral compass at an early age will help our children for the rest of their lives. Through nurture, safety, encouragement and various experiences our children will constantly discover. We achieve this by being a high quality program. To date, we are currently a keystone star 4 program. Our family child care program caters to 6 children at a time.  Our passion lie’s in facilitating a joyful learning journey. Our objective is to be a leading family childcare facility built on the culture of continuous learning.

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