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Welcome to Abiguel’s Beloved Family Child Care


At Abiguel's Beloved Family Child Care, we believe that children are our future. Every child should be regarded and respected as individuals in an environment that fosters questions, creativity, reasoning, exploration and individuality. Our preschool program offers Christian creative play curriculum. The program encourages emotional, social, and intellectual development of each child. Practical life skills are implemented in the teaching curriculum and basic Spanish, French, sign language, and music are taught.


Our staff are well trained. The staff's is experience will lead your children to challenging activities which will in turn be the catalyst for your child's growth.  Our staff model positive behavior to promote prosocial behaviors and less aggression while


At Abiguel's Beloved Family Child Care, we aim for your child to get ready for kindergarten and be lifelong learners.  The staff teaches and models behaviors, and feelings that your child can watch, learn, and display.  A new lesson plan is developed weekly to address various skills that work with different areas of childhood development.  On Mondays, we post on the Brightwheel app the lesson plan which includes daily circle time, story time, art, science, music, gross & fine motor activities.  We continually update our parents in order to keep a line of communication and have parental involvement as much as possible.


Below is a sample menu of what we provide at Abiguel's Beloved Family Child Care.


Abiguel McMillan

Owner Director

MS Degree Occupational Therapy

BA Psychology

Certified Child Development Associate

Sample menu.png
Evening Snack
String Cheese, Chex Mix
Chicken drumstick, Wild Rice, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Milk
PM Snack
Peaches, Milk
Tuna Salad, Whole Wheat Pita bread, Green Salad, Cucumber, Milk
AM Snack
Gold fish, Milk
Bran Muffin, Mixed Fruit, Milk
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